A solid foundation is key to succeeding with the more advanced topics in search.

In this short course we'll take a 10.000ft view on Solr and show you all its features and what it can do. We'll also highlight what a search engine isn't and how it compares to database systems.

Many students who initially believe that they know all the basics about Solr, will find that they acquire a very useful context and overview of the technology.

What's included?

13 Videos
4 Quizzes
8 Texts
Jan Høydahl
Jan Høydahl
Founder, Cominvent AS / Solrtraining.com

About the instructor

Jan is a freelance consultant, instructor, conference speaker and father of two. Having worked within software development since 1995 and with Search solution consulting and training since 2000, Jan is a seasoned full-stack developer and search/discovery professional and trainer.

Jan was introduced to Lucene in 2006 and accepted the invitation to become an Apache Lucene/Solr committer in 2012, and later also joined the Lucene PMC. The instructors combination of consulting, committership and training gives you as a student much more than a theoretical lecture. You also get qualified answers to (almost) any question and advice regarding best practices.

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